sabato 16 gennaio 2016


FASHION ART WISE this time has invited the Spanish artist Alfonso Vidal Quadras
Internationally known for his powerful and poetic beauty images, Quadras is a fashion and advertising photographer. His personal work is a celebration of female sensuality, intense and sofisticated.
We are honored to have such a great talent willing to share his experience with us.
The workshop theme will be beauty and lingerie in a Luxury Hotel in Rome.

- 16th: photoshoot in a luxury suite with two models, Andreea Dracan Anca and Valentina Feula.

-17th: high end retouching lesson at Studio 144, Piazza Omiccioli 96, Rome.


DAY 1 / Lingerie and beauty shoot on location

- Working on location: having a PLAN
* How is the space and what do we/our client want to achieve?
* What mood are we looking for? Importance of a moodboard
* Pre-lighting
- Lighting a location depending on the mood
* Characteristics of the different light sources. Pros and cons
* Continuous light vs flash. Light modifers
* Balancing our light scheme with ambient light
- Lighting the model for lingerie depending on the mood
* Making light support the clothes and the body
* Model poses and style
- Beauty lighting depending on the mood
* Light sources and their application on beauty
* Highlight and shadow balancing
- Best lenses for beauty

DAY 2 / High end lingerie and beauty retouch

- Choosing the pictures depending on the goals of the shoot
- Editing: Camera Raw and Capture One - basic tools
- Photoshop techniques for skin retouch
*Dodge&Burn, frequency separation, etc
* Refning the body and the clothes with the liquify tool
- Giving the final look

Save the date: 16th and 17th of January.
6 places available.
Info at

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